Acrylic Nails
Full set £24.00
Infills £17.00
(Includes two repairs)
Repairs (per nail) £2.00
Safe soak-off/file and polish £12.50
Safe soak off/full set £27.00
Boogie Nights £29.00
Infills £20.00
Backfills and infills £23.00
Glitter nails £29.00
Gel overlay £2.50
All the above with coloured polish £3.00
NSI Gel Nail Polish
(lasts up to 3 weeks)
Manicures & Pedicures
Luxury manicure
Includes cuticle trim, massage and polish of nails
Luxury pedicure
Includes foot spa, cuticle trim, hard skin removal, mask, massage and polish of nails
NSI Gel nail polish (last up to 3 weeks)
(extra charge with manicure or pedicure)
French polish £3.50
File and polish £7.50
File/french polish £9.50
Twinkle Toes
Gel French Finish £15.00
Gel with a choice of coloured glitter £18.00